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Canada’s Royce Aube is a Golfer Turned Singer

British Columbia, Canada – Theater in sports in a common event – After all, it is that high drama from larger-than-life personalities that draws fans to any game. Sometimes those athletes actually turn to the theater, and burst out lyrics to make a son. Infamous athletes turned failed singers include, Ozzie Smith, Shaquille O’Neal and Deion Sanders. One over looked crossover act is Canada’s own son and golfer Royce Aube.

Aube’s album certainly tops John Daly’s “semi-autobiographical” album called My Life, featuring such tracks as “All My Exes Wear Rolexes” and “I’m Drunk, Damn Broke,” which includes the biting lyrics:

I’m drunk, damn broke, ain’t got a penny to my name,

Most days I sit here talkin’ to myself, but I don’t remember my name,

Coulda been the whiskey, or the gamblin’, that put me here today.

Aube was undeterred, however, and continues to doggedly promote his album I Love Golf. The 51-year-old Miramichi New Brunswick, Canada resident picked up golf in his 30s and later picked up the guitar after a divorce.

After Aube hooked up with a Canadian friend who had all the necessary recording equipment, Aube hired musicians and over the course of eight months put together the CD. Other songs include “I Like Golf,” “Playing in the Fog,” “Wild Golfin’ Man” and “Whack Oh,” which was written for a playing partner who never swore – “So you’d be on the range and all you’d hear from him was ‘Whack!’ then ‘Oh!'” The chorus goes:

Whack oh, whack oh, I hit off that heel again,

Whack oh, whack oh, oh Lord I hit her too thin.

Once the songs were completed, the real battle began for the now-laid-off mill worker. Aube, who makes an annual journey to Myrtle Beach for a week of golf with friends, said he hoped to sell the CD in places like the Grand Strand, where everything golf-related has a price tag on it and someone willing to buy it.

Aube probably will not reach the musical heights of other Canadian acts like Celine Dion or Barenaked Ladies, but he continues to persist in the hopes of making a few sales and living the dream of a part-time golfer and singer.

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