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Bright Grove, Ontario Proud of Hometown Hero Mike Weir

BRIGHT’S GROVE, ONTARIO – Sometimes greatness comes from little places. This is the case of Mike Weir, 2003 Master’s Champion. Canada’s favorite golfer hails from quiet Bright Grove, Ontario.

From the sign at the entryway to the center, which states “Home of Mike Weir” directly above the added “2003 Masters Champion,” to every single golfer treading these parkland links, the small-town, understated pride in their native son is palpable.

The pro shop, chock-a-block full with gear features a large frame with photos of Weir, including one of him receiving his green jacket from Tiger Woods. The most popular line of hats for sale among golfers that choose to stop by on a golf vacation is the Weir Golf logo-wear, complete with the maple leaf and Huron Oaks stitched into the fabric. For stateside golfers, it’s worth a trek over the Blue Water Bridge just to purchase one of these cool hats – and play the local golf course.

Mike Weir and his family now reside in Utah, but he comes back frequently for visits – sometimes people that book a golf vacation here can catch a glimpse of him on the course. His parents still live in the neighborhood, and his father is a member of the club. Despite keeping a fairly low profile when he is in town, it seems nearly every golfer on the flat, woodsy course knows Mike personally.

Huron Oaks’ small greens, claustrophobically narrow fairways, and uneven rough do indeed evoke images of a young, wiry lefty manufacturing every possible shot, testing every angle, making every mistake and inventing all the escape shots necessary to win a major.

Mike Weir’s Golf Tournament

Each summer, during one of his visits home, Weir co-hosts a charity golf tournament at Huron Oaks along with another famous Sarnia area native, former NHL star Dino Ciccarelli. The tournament raises money for the Sunshine Dreams for Kids organization, which grants wishes for terminally ill children. There is a three-year waiting list to make the cut.

The Mentor Who Taught Mike Weir

When Weir won The Masters in 2003, one of the people waiting for him behind the 18th green at Augusta was Steve Bennett. Bennett was head pro at Huron Oaks when Weir was a kid, and became his golfing mentor. Although Bennett fired the teen-aged Weir from the pro shop for mistakenly selling clubs for too little, he continued to coach the gifted left-hander.

Mike Weir – Still A Bright Grove, Ontario Guy

Weir has not forgotten where he comes from. The Bright Grove, Canada resident is a often seen around Bright Grove on visits.  And even though he now resides in the United States, he is Bright Grove’s favorite son – So if you want to be like Mike, book a golf package to Bright Grove to traverse the golf course that helped Weir to international acclaim.

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