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Canada’s Top Golf Courses on Prince Edward Island

By Jay Votto
Golf Writer/

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA – Canada’s Prince Edward Island, also known as PEI, is every golfer’s dream destination – especially for those based in North America and do not have the time to fly across the pond to Scotland for a golf vacation. Golf at PEI dates back to 1893 when the Charlottetown Golf Club opened its doors.

PEI’s soil offers the perfect environment for growing potatoes and grass – the latter means the golf is excellent. Golfers often joke that Prince Edward Island’s two main crops are potatoes and golf courses.

“PEI golf courses seem vibrant with color, especially the green of the grass and locals claim it is because the Island is surrounded by water and the reflection enhances colors, which is why artists come to PEI to paint their landscapes,” said Fred Chance, PEI golf expert. “Still others say it is something about the composition of the red soil and that the minerals absorbed into grass give it an emerald-like look. The reason does not really matter, all that golfers need to know is it is a stunning scene to tee off in.”

Making PEI more high profile was when ScoreGolf Magazine rated Prince Edward Island as Canada’s No. 1 Golf Destination, while Travel and Leisure Magazine rated PEI the top Island destination in North America and one of the top 10 in the world.

There are 26 courses, all located within several minutes of PEI’s main destinations. Everything from championship courses that have challenged the skills of pros to more forgiving courses that offer a great family golf experience for groups on a golf vacation to Prince Edward Island, Canada.

“PEI’s golf resorts have accommodations include a selection of cottages, bed and breakfasts, inns, campgrounds, summer homes and hotels no matter how big (or small) your travel budget is,” said Chance.

Canada’s popular Cavendish area has had new courses open over the past several years, including the immaculate Andersons Creek.

In eastern PEI, 10 golf complexes are within 30 minutes of the Brudenell Resort. In the central part of the Island, Charlottetown has five courses within 20 minutes. And three other courses are located in the western part of the province, within driving distance for a game of golf and a tour of some of Prince Edward Island’s most scenic areas.

The Canadian Golf Academy at Brudenell has a great facility with top-notch instruction in the event you need to pick up a few putting tips before kicking off your golf vacation.

“Whatever fine golf course you choose for your golf package, expect to deal with people who do things the island way, which is to say relaxed style of service that you would expect from a friend,” according to Chance.

In addition to offering a premier golf experience featuring a variety of nationally ranked courses and stunning scenery (spring, summer and fall), PEI also offers all the fixings for a great vacation for the entire family.

The beaches of Prince Edward Island have drawn visitors to the province for over a century and are still the center of many family vacations. Like the golf courses, PEI beaches come in a variety – the white sand beaches of the north shore or red cliff beaches of the south shore. Meanwhile theatre aficionados arrive to PEI during the summer as the Summer Festival provides a number of superb productions.

Cyclists consider Prince Edward Island a gift from god. Confederation Trail, the former railway line, is nearly 300 kilometers of trails that take riders through picturesque farmlands, charming villages, as well as wetland and hardwood groves.

After the golf, and well as the great cycling, the local dining options at PEI are the next best thing about a vacation to Canada. Seafood lovers will not want to leave with dishes such as Island Blue mussels, Malpeque oysters, soft shell clams and scallops. And do not forget the treasure trove of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.


We mentioned the cycling, dining and theater but unbelievably there is more to do on PEI, Canada. Scenic tours, festivals, horse racing, windsurfing, kayaking, deep sea fishing, camping and more are other popular choices to do in addition to golf.

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